About Us

Final Victory Animal Rescue and Rescue Services was founded in May 2017 to serve a need for the animal rescue community. There is always an urgency to get the dogs out of the shelters due to space issues and the threat of euthanasia.

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By providing a boarding situation tailored just to shelter dogs we can give them the most positive experience after a traumatic time in the shelter. Large 5'x10' runs, long walks by volunteers in beautiful quiet neighborhoods and along riverside trails plus other positive play serve as a positive first step towards their forever homes. Quarantine rooms and whelping rooms also available. FVAR also works with an excellent rescue vet for very affordable veterinary services required before transport to their rescues. Sometimes rescue dogs just need a safe and loving place to land for a bit before heading to their Final Victory! Transport coordination also available

Local adoptions are also going to be offered as we get up and going later in 2017. Please keep an eye on our adoptions page and follow us on Facebook.